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We’ll get your package there
quickly and efficiently.

Bottom line: competitive prices and guaranteed prompt service.

Courier service

Our urgent parcel and mailbag services are gaining in popularity. This is largely because that we have combined unbeatably competitive prices with guarantees of the shortest possible delivery time for all parcels entrusted to us. This service is available on all of our lines, except international lines and services to and from Bilbao Airport.

We therefore propose our express courier service:

Stop to Stop:

You deliver your package to the bus at its departure point or stop and our driver will hand it to the person who comes to collect it from the bus on arrival. 

The person who is to receive the package must be at the stop in time to meet the bus. Transportes Pesa, S.A accepts no responsibility for packages if nobody turns up to collect them when the bus arrives.

This mode of transport is carriage paid; this means that the person sending the package must pay cash to the driver at the corresponding rate depending on the weight of the package in question.

Prices PesaPack

Taxable amount V.A.T. 21% TOTAL UP TO
5,91 1,24 7,15 1KG.
5,91 1,24 7,15 5KG.
6,82 1,43 8,25 10KG.
7,89 1,66 9,55 15KG.
8,84 1,86 10,70 20KG.
10,46 2,19 12,65 25KG.
11,86 2,49 14,35 30KG.