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Environmental Commitment

Aware that the transport sector must actively commit to defending the environment, throughout its history Transportes Pesa has developed several initiatives in this regard, culminating in its recognition by external organisations with certifications such as the ISO 14001. However, in our desire to continue forging ahead with efforts to minimise the impact of our activity on the environment and to define elements for improvement, not only as compensation for our activity but as a contribution to making it even better, in 2012 we decided to introduce an environmental management system based on the EMAS III Regulation at our Arrasate/Mondragón hub.

The EMAS III regulation is the premium environmental management tool; it is also the most demanding as regards requirements for companies wishing to join it, meaning that obtaining this type of validation called for great effort from all parties involved.

The process to introduce the EMAS III environmental management tool implied the recovery of all sorts of data related not only to fuel and electricity consumption for instance, but also to the generation of waste and emissions; an IT structure was therefore gradually set up for all data obtained from then on, processing said data to obtain indicators for evaluating our environmental behaviour according to the stipulations of the EMAS III Regulation.

The EMAS III Regulation, since EMAS validation demands absolute fulfilment of all legal requirements affecting the company, permits no deviations in this respect (legislation on waste, permits, licence, etc.). Transportes Pesa has therefore put a great deal of work into identifying all applicable legislation, analysing its degree of fulfilment and (when required) adjusting to the new norms continuously proclaimed.

Simultaneously, participation in the initiative has been promoted among all those who belong to Transportes Pesa, with the creation of an Environmental Committee made up of members who represent the company and its workers in equal proportions. Said Committee promotes training initiatives on the subject (energy-efficient driving, identification of environmental aspects, etc.) added to others intended to involve suppliers in actions to improve in relation to the environment.

To demonstrate the effectiveness and evolution of the actions developed, the EMAS III Regulation requires the yearly presentation of an Environmental Declaration from IHOBE (the public company responsible for environmental management dependent upon the Basque Government Department of the Environment) for its validation. Transportes Pesa had previously obtained the AENOR validation, subsequently submitted to the aforementioned body, obtaining its recognition in the shape of registration in the most demanding of European environmental registers, EMAS III, on 20 June 2014.

Thanks to introduction of the environmental management system, we have been able to highlight the continuous reduction in environmental impact achieved by Transportes Pesa as a result of the good environmental practices and environmental awareness schemes applied both by all members of the organisation and by its suppliers. Furthermore, a methodology has been introduced to measure the carbon footprint of the entire organisation, and an intense process to improve and modernise its installations has recently been carried out.

Transportes Pesa, as per the stipulations of the EMAS III Regulation, makes available to all users a copy of its latest environmental declaration, which can be requested either by calling the customer services department (900 12 14 00), or by sending an email to: