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System Policy

The PESA GROUP Management undertakes to fulfil, disseminate and guarantee compliance with the following principles of its System Policy based on standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, UNE-EN 13.816, ISO 39001 and on the EMAS III Regulation, also promoting the development of equality policies and language normalisation in its activities of transporting passengers by road.

• Continually improve the Integrated Management System in all Areas of the Organisation.

• Reduce the probability of suffering traffic incidents and accidents, also endeavouring to keep cases of injury to a minimum and save lives.

• Study and analyse the needs and expectations of the interested parties, guaranteeing that the Organisation’s improvement targets coincide with these needs and expectations.

• Plan to tackle the risks and opportunities identified.

• Guarantee the competence of the people working for the Organisation, enabling the necessary training and experience, and providing an adequate work atmosphere.

• Make the interested parties aware of the Organisation’s policy and objectives and of their influence on effectiveness of the System.

• Develop plans for gender equality within the Organisation.

• Promote language policies to create an idiomatic landscape within the Organisation in line with the reality of the environment.

• Comply with applicable legislation, and with other requirements to which the Organisation voluntarily subscribes.

• Protect the environment, including the prevention of pollution, by identifying, characterising and minimising the environmental impact arising from our activity.

• Make rational use of resources, minimising consumption, reducing the generation of waste and emissions, favouring recycling and seeking eco-efficient solutions.

• Promote best environmental practices among our suppliers and clients.

• Provide safe and healthy working conditions in order to prevent injuries and deteriorating health related to work.

• Eliminate dangers and reduce risks with a view to Health & Safety at Work.

• Foster the consultation and participation of workers and their representatives.

• Carry out, in line with the principle of continuous improvement, revisions and audits of the Integrated Management System in order to guarantee its fulfilment.

This Policy is periodically revised for its improvement and adaptation.

The objectives of the System will be established annually by the Management. Its attainment must be an aim for all employees, having a positive effect on the quality of the service, environmental behaviour, Health & Safety conditions, operational effectiveness, financial performance and, as a result, on the satisfaction and confidence of the interested parties.

Updated on: 11 March 2019