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Passenger Regulations

Passengers have the right to:

  • 1. Choose from the tickets listed in the table of duly authorised ticket prices.
  • 2. Travel on the bus provided that they have a valid ticket.
  • 3. Receive proper treatment from the company employees.
  • 4. Use the complaints book available in all vehicles and at all terminals.
  • 5. Obtain a refund for their ticket provided that payment has been made in cash and that their ticket is cancelled prior to departure of the service. In the case of Lurraldebus or Mugi passes, see the refunds procedure in the Travelling Conditions section.
  • 6. Cover under the compulsory insurance for this kind of transport.
  • 7. Carry hand luggage or objects as per applicable legislation.
  • 8. Persons with reduced mobility may alight from the vehicles using the door of the bus intended for boarding by all passengers.

Passengers must:

  • 1. Not eat, smoke, take intoxicating drugs or drink alcohol on board the vehicles.
  • 2. Carry a valid ticket from the moment they board the bus until they alight at their destination.
  • 3. Obey the instructions of company employees in all matters related to the service and incidents and respect the clearly posted passenger rules.
  • 4. In vehicles not prepared to carry standing passengers, travellers must remain seated until the vehicle draws up at the bus stop.
  • 5. Not speak to the driver while the vehicle is moving.
  • 6. When travelling with bicycles, these must be packed in their corresponding travel bags.
  • 7. Pets must travel in the luggage compartment of the bus, in a dedicated pet-carrier provided by the owner. Transportes Pesa, S.A. accepts no responsibility for any harm suffered by the animal during transport. The only animals allowed on board in the passenger area are guide dogs for the blind.
  • Updated on: 1 February 2019