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Consult timetables

Departure from scheduled towns along the route and destination times are approximate and may be subject to variation.
Timetables are subject to possible modifications on national holidays between Monday and Saturday, the day before and the day afterwards.

Consult timetables

In order to check a line, first select the date you wish to travel. Click on the square icon under the word “date” and a screen will appear showing the calendar corresponding to the current and the next month. Select the date of your choice by simply clicking on it.

Then, select the departure point and the destination on the drop down menu.

The system automatically responds to the information provided. It also offers you the possibility of additional information on return journeys for the same route (press “see return”); travel options for the day before and after the selected date (press “see previous day” or “see next day”); and stops on the bus route (clicking on the icon to the right of each line).

Finally, you can print off these results by clicking on the printer icon at the top of the page or on the words "print results" at the foot of the page. Remember that when there are multiple results for your consultation, they will appear on consecutive pages.

If you wish to obtain the complete timetable for a line, click on this  link.